Musli Gainbody 15

Musli Gainbody 15
Наименование:Musli Gainbody 15
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Product description

A nutrient with muesli containing the highest quality whey protein concentrate and carbohydrates (mono and polysaccharides). Additionally enriched with creatine, taurine, lecithin, vitamins and minerals. The nutrient increases muscle mass, ensures a high energy level, strength and the most effective and rapid growth of muscle mass.
CREATINE intensifies energy production (ATP), stimulates muscle growth, intensifies muscle contraction strength and increases hydration of muscle cells. It has strong anticatabolic properties, significantly accelerates post-training regeneration period.
TAURINE transports creatine to muscles where it is more effectively used and also accelerates the development of muscle cells.
LECITHIN is the source of choline and inositol - metabolism activators.
VITAMINS AND MINERALS are indispensable to proper metabolic processes in our bodies.
The nutrient is recommended to all those who want to increase muscle mass and strength quickly and effectively, and also for excessive physical effort and to facilitate recreation and professional training.

dissolve 100 g (5 flat measures) in 200 ml of water or milk.
Drink twice a day.
Nutritive value

NUTRITIVE VALUE100 g (1 portion)
Energy value1374 kJ (316 kcal)
Protein15 g
Carbohydrates67 g
Fat1,7 g
Creatine1500 mg
Taurine500 mg
Lecithin200 mg
VITAMINS100 g (50% RDA*)
Vitamin C30 mg
Vitamin E 5 mg
Vitamin B1 0,7 mg
Vitamin B20,8 mg
Niacin9 mg
Panthothenic acid3 mg
Vitamin B61 mg
Folic Acid 100 μg
Biotin75 μg
Vitamin B120,5 μg
MINERAL COMPONENTS1 portion (100g)
Iron7 mg (50% RDA*)
Zink7,5 mg (50% RDA*)
Iodine75 μg (50% RDA*)
Selen27,5 μg (50% RDA**)
Copper0,45 mg (50% RDA**)
Molybdenum22,5 μg (50% RDA**)
Manganese1,15 mg
Chromium17,5 μg


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